fredag den 30. marts 2012

JavaScript - Client Object Model - C#

When I started working with SharePoint back in 2004, it didn't take me long time to realize that you can code everything in C# on a SharePoint project, but it was far more easier, faster, and the performance was much better, if you minimized trips to the server and didn't use back-end code.

Realizing the power of JavaScript was easy, but working with JavaScript was not. Sure, it was easy to find JavaScript code that you can use in your project, but I missed that fine feeling of working with Visual Studio and writing C# code.

I like nice things, I like to draw and paint (things I draw aren't pretty, but I like it). I also think that nicely done user interface is used and appreciated more than the "ugly" one. For many years, I had a feeling that most of the time, I used JavaScript to create fancy pop ups and roll ups in SharePoint - things that, in my mind are a bit superficial. Not like C# code that "does" something important. Serious stuff. For many years, JavaScript for me was something I could copy/paste wherever and whenever it was needed. I felt that I didn't really have to concentrate on writing it, because it was just JavaScript. I kind of hated the fact that I spent so much time learning the OOP and C#, and I was earning money, and paying my bills with copy/pasting. I also didn't like the fact that I could paste that JavaScript code wherever I wanted - in the web part, on the page, on the master page, and it would work. No rules, no governance, no fancy tools, just Notepad.

Many years after, I realized that many of the developers couldn't just figure out how to "copy/paste". It seams that it is more difficult to comprehend than C# code. JavaScript don't work whenever and wherever.

Last year, I worked on two intranet portals, where SharePoint COM with JavaScript was the only way of going forward. Sure, I could just tell the customer that it's not possible to code and bla blah, blah. What do they know :-)
But, I decided to try it out - that new thing, the COM with JavaScript, because COM allows you to "do" something with JavaScript. You can get content from lists, write to lists, manage columns, and so on. I also decided to make a JavaScript library for the project, and web parts that reference the .js files, so I don't have JavaScript scattered to the four winds.

The project turned out very good and the customers are very fond of it. What can I say, JavaScript is not the same as it used to be, and I'm very close to loving it.

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